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Lifestylers vs. Hustlers (fight to the death)

You see it all the time on Facebook; “I’m hustling, grinding and pumping 24-7 man!” These are the Hustlers they never stop working. They want world domination and a bajillion dollars no matter what the price or sacrifice. Then on the other side of the fence you see this; “I just made a few hundred […]

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Have You Noticed How Teenagers View Social Media? MUST READ

Teenagers don’t see social media through the same looking glass as adults do and yet they make up a huge part of the users. If you product or service targets teenagers you might want to know how they view social media so you can make the right social media marketing choices. Facebook If you thought […]

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How Starbucks Uses Online and Offline Marketing Effectively

Starbucks – this is a very successful offline business, that has certainly learned how to use online and offline marketing effectively. In fact, there are many lessons that most businesses could learn from how Starbucks does things. How is it that every Starbucks feels like its own unique local coffee shop? How is it that […]

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Leveraging A Millionaire Mindset For Success

It’s been a while now since I’ve been looking for help in improving my career and life. For the past few months I’ve been unhappy with my professional life. My main issue is the state of my job. I spend too much time at work that affects time spent with my family and friends. On […]

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