Free Traffic Ideas To Boost Conversion With Your Offers

1. Modify your email signature to include your affiliate link:

By adding your affiliate link to your email signature, every time you send an email to someone, you are potentially making a sale with us and making money!

In a gmail account, you would simply go to the “settings” tab in the upper right hand corner of your gmail account, then scroll down to the very bottom where it says signature.

Here you would enter your affiliate link:

<a href=>Learn how to Take Surveys For Cash online!</a>

Just replace YOURID with your ClickBank ID.

If you have another type of email account, simply google how to add a signature to whatever type of email account you have.

2. Post your affiliate link on your Facebook page:

Here are a few posts you could use to post to your Facebook page.

This is one of the best ways to generate some quick money!

Create an interesting post talking about how you found this website, and post it on your facebook page. Make sure you include a link to our website.

3. Twitter:

Either broadcast your affiliate link with some text talking about our program to your current followers, or create a new twitter account, and start following as many people as you can who are interested in “making money online”.

Once you have enough people following you back, you can tweets promoting our program and earn money!

4. YouTube:

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world?

It is simple to make money and generate free traffic to our offer using YouTube. All you need to do is create some review videos that review the offer, and talk about how you have had success with the program.

Use keywords in your video title that are related to our program to help rank. Make sure to include your affiliate link inside the videos!

Another EXCELLENT thing you can do, is simply comment on every YouTube video you see that is related to “paid surveys” or “working online” and include your affiliate link in the comment section of the videos.

5. Article Marketing:

Article marketing is still alive and very well. All you need to do is create some articles related to making money online, or taking paid surveys online, and submit them to websites like and

Just follow the guidelines in submitting your articles related to how you include the affiliate links to ensure your article is accepted.

6. Forum Posting:

Find forums related to working from home, making money online, etc. Create an account there, and start commenting in the forums.

Add your affiliate link to the signature area of your account, so that every time you post in a forum, it will create a link to your affiliate link in your post. Over time, this can start to deliver a lot of sales for you!

7. Free Press Releases:

Doing a press release can generate an enormous amount of traffic. Most people don’t know there are services that offer it for free!

You can either write your own press release about our program, or go to websites like or to get a press release created for you.

8. Instagram:

Use pictures and images you create, generate free traffic for you, that you can funnel into your affiliate link!

Create an instagram page, and start uploading interesting pictures or images that you own. It is important to try to build a “following”. We recommend picking a niche.

If you like ice skating, post pictures related to ice skating, the more the better. If you like to travel, include your vacation pictures (the interesting ones).

Eventually you will get followers, which will in turn visit your links you post in your account!

9. Start a Blog:

Start a blog or review site that is related to making money online or reviews paid survey sites. Show the pros and cons and ultimately tell the visitors why you think they should choose our program.

Over time google will index your blog and you will get more and more natural traffic.